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Amazing Landscape Work in Mashpee, Massachusetts


Just down the hill from renowned Chatham Light, this home is tucked in behind the dunes of Lighthouse Beach. Two Adirondack chairs sit side by side in the sandy dunes so the homeowners may sit, relax, and soak up the sun and the true natural beauty of quintessential Cape Cod. We worked alongside Chatham Conservation Commission to remove some invasive species in this inland bank and compliment the indigenous plants with native ones like beach plum, bayberry, beach grass, sweet fern, and pasture rose. These plants thrive in these harsh coastal conditions and augment the native setting.
With limited space and unusually narrow area for the driveway, we designed this cobblestone parking area to extend the landscape latterly. With two river birch flanking the apron and an arching row of Nikko blue hydrangeas we made the driveway feel more like a space than just a passageway. We outlined the driveway with honey locust because they are one of the heartiest trees but also one of the most graceful. Over time, these trees will grow into a beautiful canopy over the driveway.
This bluestone walk wraps uniquely around all angles of the driveway. We wanted to create a welcoming entranceway from the driveway by accommodating all traffic so where ever you step out of the car you will be greeted by the elegant walkway to lead you to the front door. This design brings architectural and aesthetic interest to the driveway with shape, color, and ilex crenata shrubs that will soon form an attractive hedge.
On the left side of the house, protected from the high and in privacy from close-by neighbors, we created an additional space where family and friends can spend time together while enjoying this gorgeous property. To avoid cluttering the space with furniture, we designed a bluestone capped sitting wall that frames the space. The wall, made of traditional fieldstone, forms an “L” with one side facing the dunes and the other facing the arched side entranceway.


An inviting bluestone walkway creates anticipation as you walk along the entire front of the home that's decorated with various fragrant flowers, shrubs, and trees that all radiate with color. A mixed fieldstone wall offers a variety of tones to give interest to the long meandering wall. On the upper far corner of the wall we planted a grouping of three thundercloud plum trees and Nikko blue hydrangeas. This wall retains the upper portion of the front yard and is balanced on the left side of the driveway with a second mixed fieldstone wall.
The backyard is truly a space designed for a family who just loves spending time outdoors and entertaining friends and relatives. We chose to subtly separate portions of the large backyard with a charming planting bed thick with river birch and flowers. On one side, the pool, cabana, and sitting area are garnished with splashes of color. Ever-changing grasses, long-lasting roses, spring blooming plums and pears, and other perennials offer something new with every season.
On the other side, a putting green is accompanied by two horseshoe pits. We framed the throwing platforms with composite decking and filled them with pit sand. Two granite benches and an informal broken bluestone patio serve as place for onlookers to congregate. Nikko hydrangeas also give interest to the far side of the yard in the corner of the fence.
Wash lighting along the walls and up-lighting in the trees illuminates this space at night so it can be enjoyed regardless of the time of day. When the sun goes down on Handy Point, the fun is just beginning for this fun-loving family.


After working for this homeowner for nearly a decade, we really came to know her tastes and goals for making her property really a beautiful and peaceful escape near Old Silver Beach in Falmouth. We have the experience to always create a space and features that suit this homeowner best.
The purple irises in the front have a rich sentimental value because the homeowner transplanted them from her grandmother's home. The wide front walk is inviting and attractive with Colorado broken stone and bordered by boxwoods. In the side yard we handcrafted the cedar arbor and cedar gate with the wood salvaged from the original lot clearing. Together these structures offer an elegant entranceway and egress through the serene boxwood garden full of vibrant colors and scents. We installed a rustic covered sitting bench in the corner of the garden where the homeowner can sit and take in the entire peaceful space or even relax with a great book.
The homeowner loves the outdoors and enjoys the wide array of flowers that bloom from month to month: from azaleas to daylilies to a number of types and colors of hydrangeas. We designed pathways made of the same irregular Colorado broken stone as the front walk. The walkways meander throughout the backyard and are outlined by thickly grown fairy roses. Hand-carved granite birdbaths add to the tranquility we created around the entire property. We incorporated the birdbaths into the irrigation system so fresh water regularly pumps through copper tubing up to the basin. The native look is maintained as these granite steps pass through red choke cherry viburum and high-bush blueberry.
Roses and hydrangeas embellish the fieldstone wall that was constructed around the Jacuzzi on the patio below the back deck. It's a perfect congregating area for family and friends to unwind and enjoy the peaceful backyard in privacy. Walking up the stone stairs that were built into the wall, another walkway leads you along the far side of the house where a trellis boasts mature and fragrant espalier crabs.


Although this property sits across the street from the ocean, it is still within the limits of a coastal bank. For this reason, local landscape desinger Suzanne O'Keefe designed the property with conservation in mind. O'Keefe incorporated the native wildflower meadow in front of the home and extends down the sloping lawn toward the ocean. Lupines and black-eyed Susans beautifully decorate the front while satisfying the local conservation commission's standards. We also collaborated with O'Keefe on the design of the bluestone patio and sitting wall in the side yard. We retained both of the grades with two walls to create a space with the best possible view of Nantucket Sound. On the other side of the yard, along the street, we were able to match the exact workmanship of an aged, existing wall that we incorporated it into the stairway we constructed.


This home sits just high enough to overlook the dunes at Sandy Neck Beach. Brian created a seashell pathway that meanders up the hill from the road to the house. When this classic Cape Cod family comes home from a day at the beach they can stroll through the beautiful garden that has matured over the years with perennials. We also constructed a wooden arbor that has thick vines of wisteria wrapping around. The arbor leads to the rustic rock staircase that climbs up through the sloping garden to the front porch. The homeowner regularly maintains and adds perennials, like lupines, Shasta daisies, and daylilies to this serene garden landscape to make it truly magnificent.
We designed and constructed the bluestone patio out back that is complete with a Pennsylvania rock wall. This unique wall retains the grade while curving outward to offer more space on the patio. In an effort to create a more open, inviting space Brian opted to remove the existing rails on the deck and install a full set of mahogany stairs that descend to the patio. Whether you want shade or sun, you can both relax in the same space without feeling separated.


We created an informal broken bluestone walkway that is set into the lawn guiding you up to the front door. The family wanted to keep the lush lawn a place for the kids and their friends to play so we chose not to overload the front yard with a strong stone structure. An aged granite step leads you up to the porch that is outlined with a single row of Japanese holly. These shrubs mirror the attractive architecture of the octagonal shape of the porch.
A split rail fence decorated with roses borders the front and side yards. This simple design was used to maximize the lawn space. The backyard is much more private as it is enclosed by fencing. We constructed a raised patio that is attached to the home for easy access from the French doors on the backside of the house. A second bluestone patio outlined with cobblestone sits at the bottom of the stairs. We included a rectangular fire pit in this patio design, which is perfect for this outdoors-loving family. The homeowner's installed a draped canopy with matching wicker furniture where they can curl up together on a cool summer night around the fire.


This picturesque classic colonial house sits along Old Dock Creek in Sandwich. The American flag and antique wooden front doors with antique-looking iron hardware say it all. We tried to preserve the historic feel of this home by using antique Boston pavers for the front walkway and rustic granite steps leading to both front doors. A rough stonewall on the side of the home offers an aged look that works as an entrance to the back yard and while tying together the rustic look of both the front and back yards.
A broken bluestone walk leads you along the side yard through the raised garden that is retained by a large rock wall. Daisies, roses, lilies, salvia, and black-eyed Susans fill this garden. A row of blue Nikko hydrangeas, a Cape Cod favorite, separate the marsh from the lawn and rosa rugosa outline the back deck. Brian included a large circular planting bed in the design, and now that it's matured it is thick with native grasses and daisies. It's easy for these homeowners to relax and enjoy this spectacular space in their hammock and twin Adirondack chairs looking out over the wetlands.


This was a renovation project of the existing pool area out back. We salvaged some existing native dogwoods that now add maturity and privacy to the landscape. We designed a random bluestone patio that encompasses the entire pool. On the fence we constructed a trellis where now honey suckle and climbing hydrangea have matured and add appeal. Brian's goal was to optimize the limited space and we accomplished that while adding aesthetic interest. Further into the backyard, we constructed a circular brick patio complete with a half-circle fieldstone wall for additional seating while entertaining friends. This wall also poses as an attractive backdrop to the shaded sitting area.


Since this property has been in the family for generations, when designing the landscape Brian made it a point to incorporate some of the long-standing perennials as they offer an element of sentimental richness that some brand new landscapes lack. We chose to create an additional parking space in front of the house where a rustic wall retains the two grades. A granite stairway carries the rustic appearance all the way to the front door.
Two upright granite posts define the driveway that leads to the detached garage and makes for a pleasant welcome-home feel. When you come home at the end of the day, crossing that bridge over the pond really allows you to leave the rest of the world behind as you enter your own little piece of the world surrounded by your loved ones. We used some existing rocks from around the property and brought in some larger ones to construct this rustic pond, complete with miniature waterfalls. Around the pond we created a peaceful patio setting where the homeowners can sit together and relax outside while listening to the calming sounds of the trickling water in the background.


This is the second project where we were able to collaborate with the local landscape designer, Suzanne O'Keefe. It's always gratifying to take her visions from concept to completion. The mixtures of various hydrangeas, unique grasses, and perennials compliment and soften the hardscape.
We constructed a bluestone patio surrounded by a sitting wall. A beautiful fireplace made of fieldstone completes this space by adding functionality. The family said that weekends at this Cape house are mostly spent lounging on the patio and enjoying the fire at night. The homeowners' daughter even incorporated this space into her wedding as an additional sitting area for her friends and family at the reception.


Basket weave pattern in the brick patio/walkway area, outlined with an eclectic feng shui style that suits the homeowners' tastes.

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